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Monday, 22 May 2017

Celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday with My Unique Clothing Design!

From concept to completed artwork, this is my own original design!

Wanting something simple, I decided to go with my old faux sweat stain graphic concept. In this case, I wanted to create a maple leaf and text combination that looked like a wet stain on fabric.

From scratch, I did this by hand in Photoshop CS5. It took several hours and a lot of trial and error, to get it just how I imagined.

The result I feel is pretty cool! It does look like a sweat stain or water mark on grey clothing!

For baby's, as in the baby body suit, it looks like a dribble stain :-)

This is a time sensitive pretty much few wears clothing item, since Canada's 150th birthday will only come once, and I designed it specific to that celebratory moment. Therefore, I have kept my royalty lowish so that the price for you to purchase will remain very affordable.

my Photoshop working file screen capture

To purchase any of the Canada 150 Faux Sweat Stain Apparel please visit my website for the most popular adult and baby apparel choices, all available via my Natural Design shop on Zazzle. Choose from guy's t-shirts, women's tops, baby and kids apparel once you are there.

Baby Romper

Crew Neck T-Shirt

Men's Fitted Burn Out

Flowy Crop Top

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