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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Personal Painting Time

I usually reserve my personal posts to my other blog, but thought I'd post one here.

Over the last few weekends, I've managed to get to the under painting stage of my daughter's portrait. I've been managing by sitting on a pillow on the floor with a borrowed light off to the left side, clamped to a tall iron candle holder stand, a light my husband has lent me. I'm basically just working with burnt umber, a bit of cadmium red medium and a tough of raw sienna, with a large soft brush, rubbing and dry brushing the pigment in a circular motion onto the canvas surface.

Once I establish the built up tonal values in the background, then colour can be begun to be dry brushed over top, as well as highlights. Edges will get cleaned up the further the painting process goes.

There are still a bit of issues with the arm and hands drawing, but it should get solved in the painting stage. After having drawn the one arm 3 times, and the other arm twice, I decided to leave as is for now and tackle the minor corrections in the painting stage.

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