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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Artofwhere Where are You? :-(

Ok, I Love Artofwhere, but I did a little research. I found out that sadly, no Artofwhere images come up in a Google search, not even with specific words right from listing titles. Nothing. This is not good since it means there is zilch chance of anyone who may be searching Google for, let's say for Pink Striped Baby Leggings, will find your pink striped baby leggings that you have listed on Artofwhere :-(

This leads me to believe that probably the best way to utilize Artofwhere as a designer is to advertise your designs and item listings on an outside website or through a site like Etsy, in a shop, once approved for manufacturing assistance on Etsy of course, and get found that way, and make use of their drop shipping ability. Because, No one is going to find your items searching the web and very unlikely by happening by chance on the site as a buyer.

This is disheartening because if their cushion covers alone are a testament to this wonderful Canadian POD's in house superior product quality and treatment when printing our artwork and designs, then it is a Huge shame that they have a very low ranking on Google, a rating which can easily be found publicly and confirmed, though they are doing everything right SEO wise. Hopefully with time, they will get better ranking on search engines.

All I can hope for is that this fairly newish POD will grow and become better exposed and begin to see the traffic that they so deserve. So, I will continue to put time into getting my designs up on items there, and hopefully by designers supporting them and sharing the links to their listings, and with time, they will continue to grow and do well.

EDIT Sept 2017:

I have been extremely happy with my pairing with Artofwhere, to be able to bring to buyers, my artwork and designs on a whole range of awesome items! Their pillow covers are fantastic quality, their leggings are to die for and by far rival big name athletic wear companies, The great thing? They are Canadian, an in house fabric and print studio, that I can feel excited by and proud to work with to bring to buyers from the US, Canada and the UK, through my Etsy powered website shop!

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