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Friday, 3 April 2015

Excited About My Latest Mandala Design!

I so wanted to create intricate repeating patterns, mirror image patterns, patterns that had an Eastern feel and influence since that is my favourite, but to do it manually just doesn't work well. One thing I also wanted to avoid was that whole synthetic digital look in my finished results too.

One other thing I wanted to avoid was joining the fractal bandwagon. I wanted to have some creative input, not just leave my result up to an already design automated filter or program. Though I admit, it is fun and addicting!

A Photoshop tutorial which my husband found shows one way of using one's own photography to make mirror image based designs. Once one understands the steps, and has some understanding of Photoshop layers, blending modes, etc., one is able to modify and play with the steps to get something cool and exciting from one's images!

The important step is the very beginning step! Choosing from one of my own photos that will be the base of my finished design. Using nature photography helps keep the organic and natural feel in the finished intricate design shapes in my final graphic pattern. As well, working further with my final resulting step, to balance values, colour, etc. is a freedom available :-) I like to be able to control the aesthetics of my designs as I am fussy and I have certain desires when it comes to contrast, emphasis, edges, colour balance, and more. I like the happy accidents but I also want to maintain some artistic control and input in my final design.

I reasoned further that if I create simplified graphic images from my photo first, this also will affect my final result, simplifying the resulting design, which then gives a different effect, more flat design shapes, while still not crossing into that totally digital look.

There is so much room for experimentation, artistic license, and the possibilities one is able to get from one's photography are endless! Some of my final results used on products available in my Zazzle store are below!

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