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Friday, 13 March 2015

Failing Hard Drive Almost Causes Suicide lol!

For a while now, our external hard drive was showing signs of failure. First, suddenly, we couldn't see it or access it. Hubby did a quick fix buying a box for it. Then, we noticed more issues. I had no idea it was failing, I personally did Not know they failed. What?!!!! What do you mean we need 2 new hard drives and they are like $150+ a pop?! :-( Why can't we just have 1?! Oh, ok, Fine, I guess we have to get 2 :-(

Well, we had to. Simple as that. The place where he bought them said yes, our old 8 year old external drive was failing. Lucky he brought it up to me when he did because I have ..............

Nothing short of 210 Photoshop design files that I worked gawd knows how many hours on the designs entombed in them and cannot lose them, not to mention the ............ 65000+ images I've shot since 2011!!!!! And, my only images of some past sold artwork, and that doesn't even include His stuff that was on it lol!

So, needless to say, all is saved except very recent files which I guess got corrupted trying to transfer them from my camera the last few weeks, and a couple PSD design files I had to kiss goodbye (hopefully ones I'll never revisit and can go from the .jpg I saved from those design templates. I won't cry, I got lucky and now we have all safe and sound on not 1, but 2 drives, one nicely tucked away as a backup backup lol! Whew, I can rest easy now lol!

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