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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Mute Swans and Weddings

Who would have thought that the item I have sold the most of would be a wedding invitation! I don't have a lot of designs for wedding invitations and many of the ones I have done, are not really traditional. However, swans are a popular symbol or motif for wedding invitations, renewing of vows, etc.

Funny enough, many of the sets I have sold, are to United Kingdom buyers. I guess the reason I find this interesting is that the Mute Swan is an introduced species of water fowl in Ontario, Canada and was brought here from Britain. It is native in the UK.

Ontario's native swan is the Trumpeter swan, which has a black beak. The Mute Swan is larger and has an orange beak, with the males having a bump on the top. In and around the area I lived in in Whitby, there were almost 70 Mute Swans one winter in the marina. We see less Trumpeters but there were areas where there tended to be pairs of Trumpeters as opposed to Mutes.

Trumpeter Swan

Mute swan

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