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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Love my Flare Dress from Artofwhere!

It was difficult to decide which pattern of my own that I love a lot, enough to purchase a flare dress from Artofwhere with it on. Reason? I cannot buy more than 1 really, not right now. So, I chose carefully.

My tastes are Bohemian and they lean towards earthy colour palettes choice, so I decided to go with one of my Mandala patterns, but a mash up, and faux centre "belt" dividing stripe.

I have a pair of the capri yoga leggings and I wear them often for my workouts. They are super awesome.

When I opened my flare dress, which came fairly quickly, though I was in no rush, anything quality takes time, I was super thrilled. My design was gorgeously printed and the material is so drapey and luxurious, so nice to the touch, and not in any way cheap and thin, a nice weight. The material is stretchy. The bodice fits so amazingly firm yet moves with you, but not tight. I love nice firm fitting rib and torso fits, so it is perfect! I purchased a large, and though I am doing well, I still am not back into a medium yet, and this dress is flattering, me even right now. The dress is not super short, it is just above my knees, and I am 5'4". Someone 5'8" or 9" would find it fairly short, more like a mini dress.

I need to get a shot of me wearing it, hopefully I will have some time this coming weekend. 

Every purchase from Artofwhere, featuring my designs, have been nothing less than spectacular quality and print. From the pillow cover, to the beanie, my yoga capris, and now this gorgeous flare dress.

What I really love, besides that Artofwhere is Canadian and they actually developed many of their own fabrics and mill, cut and sew everything in house, is that they let designers brand their sold products! I have my own designed tag and when a buyer purchases an item from me via my online store, I can have my own branding added to that product. The reason a buyer will choose My pillow cover, or my leggings, etc., is because of My design, the pattern On the product, so I want my own name in there too :-)

Boho Mandala Flare Dress by Natural Design

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