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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Really Lovin' Polymer Clay!

A long time ago, in the early late 80's / very early 1990's, I discovered polymer clay. Back then, there were not many choices of types. I think it was basically Fimo, because I used to actually call it Fimo, like how we call all tissues Kleenex.

The main thing I made back then was earrings. Later, in the mid 2000s I went back to using polymer clay to make weird, funky linked mermaid pendants, and other strange jewelry pieces as well as custom drawer pulls. My 8 ball anklets were a huge seller for me on eBay. I later ended up selling the whole lot of jewelry making supplies and clay, as my time became limited and I could no longer devote time to it.

In 2013, I was on a hike at Thickson Woods when I decided I wanted to make little bird figurines. I originally wanted to make them realistic though stylized. I bought a block of polymer clay best used for sculpting.

It was not until a year later that I finally made my first bird. A year after that, I decided I wanted to begin working in polymer clay again. However, I would not sell it via eBay anymore. I decided on Etsy. I was already offering my photo prints through Etsy.

My pool ball anklets never really took off on Etsy. However, I have sold a few pieces of unusual jewelry and my own unique ring dishes. As well, one of my birds. The original one I made, my chickadee. I ended up painting them much more primitively than I first had planned. I also used gilders paste for the color accents.

I have branched into making animal ornaments, asymmetrical choker necklaces, and combining resin with some of my pieces which allows me to use interesting inclusions.

I love working with polymer clay, it is quite therapeutic. Though it is exciting to see what many highly skilled polymer clay sculptures and artists can do, and it is tempting to learn these techniques, I have chosen to keep my work more naive and primitive in visual style. I enjoy this and I love the professional yet simplified finished look that I am able to maintain. It was the reason that the name for my shop was born - asimpleknead 

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