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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Personalized Pillow by Katz D Zynes!

I want to share the pillow I purchased on Zazzle from Katz D Zynes! I am so super happy with it!

Thanks to Katz' great soccer themed pillow design, I had a nice opportunity and base for a personalized pillow for my daughter for Christmas! I assembled a few of her soccer and lacrosse highlights from my photos, and made a collage, with a large centre figure of her. I added the wording myself, and uploaded the photo and text collage as the back of Katz' pillow.

I was worried that the images would be a little too small to print well, but they printed fine on the polyester material. I chose polyester because it tends to allow for more vibrant and more sharp printing on the surface, and since these were fairly small images and photos not graphics, I chose polyester over cotton.

The pillow insert came separate, and vacuum wrapped, so I just folded it and slid it into the zippered opening and zipped it up. It all fits nicely!

I hope my daughter will love it!

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