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Friday, 25 November 2016

Sharing - Top 3 Exercises to Stop Neck & Arm Pain - Effective in 80% of Patients

I have been meaning to share these guys' Youtube video and channel for weeks now. They are two great physical therapists!

Back since Feb 2016, I've been having continuously worsening issues with my right arm. My first thought was it was my rotator cuff in my shoulder. Well, it turned out, after a lot of months, that it is definitely a carpel tunnel sort of situation, a pinched nerve.

It probably began when I stretched my arm too far back while walking and holding open doors behind me as I moved forward, for someone walking behind me, on the way from the subway going to work.

Because I do many hours of graphic work on the computer in my evenings and weekends, it slowly has become very very bad. Much of it is because I sit on the couch, the keyboard and mouse on the couch at my crossed leg, sitting half on and half off the couch, to work at a screen which is mounted on our condo living room wall. I really don't have any other choice, our space here is fairly limited, and my huge screen also doubles for our movie watching screen.

Using a mouse all day at work, especially since getting a new phone system, added to it. The only thing that does not seem to make it worse is painting on Sundays.

My husband tried introducing me to a tablet and pen, but I am way to specifically skilled with using a mouse to do my graphic work, from doing it for years and years, that I do not want to back peddle and lose time learning a new tool.

Well, I'm not stopping my photo and graphic work, no way, so that's crossed off as a solution. I cannot relocate to a proper work space, and I doubt that would help much anyway, since it is more a Quantity and not Quality type scenario.

My husband researched for me, and he ran across these two physical therapists with a very informative Youtube channel. Their names are Bob and Brad.

The video below, basically the first, and most appropo for my issue, I linked here. There are many others. I do the pie in the face exercise most, and it is helping. Doing consistently is the trick though. I need to do that.

They are worth subscribing to, and paying attention to what they say and what they have to teach you, so that you can look after yourself better.

As a person and artist who works non stop with my right arm, and experiencing a lot of pain, it is important to make sure I am diligent about doing these exercises. Seeing my Dr. in the New Year is also something that is imperative.

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