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Friday, 25 November 2016

Ordered a Device Case from Redbubble

Ok, well, first of all, the shipping is not an arm and a leg, and second, my Samsung Tough case shipped in 24 hours! I cannot believe it. Impressed so far!

I have ordered clothing from Redbubble, with my own designs, and have been very happy.

My husband needed a new phone, and decided on the Samsung Galaxy S6. He immediately started asking if any of the Print on Demand sites I have work on make cases for his phone. He wanted one of my designs :-) So, we checked pricing and availability, etc.

Redbubble was our decided source. I always love seeing my designs printed and the product quality on the three venues I sell through. So, it was a good chance to see a device case. I cannot get one for my old Note II, so have never ordered a case.

Well, he chose my abstract crackle pattern, in the dark brown tones. He loves 70% dark chocolate so I should not be surprised this design appealed to him lol! It looks like a rich friggin' dark chocolate brownie or something lol!

I had to upload the design to Redbubble, since I didn't have that one up there. I then ordered it, at a little discount due to all the seasonal savings codes that are going on right now. The shipping as easy on the pocket book too. Though, as an online seller, who also ships International a lot, I'm not naive about the high cost of tracked shipping.

Well, wasn't I surprised when I only ordered the case a day before getting a "it's shipped" notice from Redbubble! That's just super awesome! Also, totally Not expected, and I would never expect that, I might add. I'm not impatient, at least not with receiving stuff I order anyway ;-) lol!

Looking forward to seeing the case!

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