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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Pink Primer Paint Lid Leads to Design Idea!

For almost 2 years, I've had a tin of dark wine red paint for one wall in our living room. Having taken 3 days vacation from work, I decided I am doing the wall, finally! For dark walls, one must use a medium tinted primer. Ours is a chalky raspberry pink.

Upon placing the removed lid up side down, I noticed the awesome natural texture patterns on it from the congealed wet unmixed paint sitting on it. How cool! I had to get a shot of that lol!

I envisioned in my head, big splotched circles and gold rough rings overlapping. It would need to wait though, I had to get that wall primed lol!

When I could get to the idea for a design, later that evening, I pulled up my paint lid pic, which I had sat on a burner on the stove to photograph, and cut it out with a jagged splotchy vector path shape.

I already had worked with some gold earlier in the week, so had a colour still selected. I cut out a gold colour with a circle ring. I then had to add a mask and use a jagged brush, rotating it every stroke, to cut away at the circle. As well, I took a tiny brush and drew free hand scribble circles around it. Going back and forth adding and subtracting, till I was happy with the edges and the centre areas, I then added effects to the gold circle to make it appear like it was a tarnished gold metal piece. One of my Mandala tile patterns, really large in scale, over layed, worked great as an abstract tarnish texture pattern on the gold ring.

Using digital software, I swirled the cut out paint lid and made one dark and one light. 

I then randomly placed and sized them in a composition I liked. Something seemed too flat or boring so I changed one of the gold circles to a silvery colour, and added that element. The background didn't work for me as a flat grey so I added a pattern overly onto that too.

Below shows my lid, and three shots of the screens of my 3 Photoshop work files:

The Results :-)

Silk Scarf

Abstract Gold Color Ring Black White Swirl Circles Throw Pillow

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