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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Racer Back Tank Top on Zazzle - Great Buy!

I took advantage of one of the larger percentage sales Zazzle has here and there, I believe it was 30% off, and bought myself one of my own designs on their new racer back tank tops.They are sewn by Fyby.

I have to say, I was jumping around all thrilled when I received it, and I've now worn it 4 times in one month already lol! It can be dressed up under a little crop sweater or blouse to wear to work even. To say I am ecstatic with it is an Understatement!

Now, I need to decide Which of my designs is my next best favourite, so I can get a 2nd tank top lol!

The quality is Fab, the colours in person are Exact to my file and screen, and it actually Fits Properly under the armpits!

Now, if I only looked as nice as their model lol! Working on it (thanks Fitnessblender!). Too much sitting on my butt and designing the last 4 or so years ;-)

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