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Saturday, 7 May 2016

My Fine Art Photography

Over the last little while, I decided to concentrate on building a saleable inventory of photographic art prints and wrapped canvas wall art, available in my Etsy shop artbyjocelyn.

I have literally 70 thousand or more images that I've shot since first owning my old, used Nikon FE1, which I got probably in 1996 or so. Most of my images that I've chosen to work with, however, have come from my more recent outings and hikes, and have been shot with my D70, and now my present camera, a Nikon D610. The D610 allows for much larger prints to be possible, and far less noise in higher iso shots (I tend to try to push a camera's capabilities, by hand holding and shooting in low light conditions). The D610 is a full frame sensor and the pixel dimension of my shot RAW images are double the dimension of what my old D70 gave me.

However, I do have some wonderful images, from a 3 week trip to Europe in 2003, and from excursions back and forth to Muskoka, when I was younger, that I love and have created some finished prints from and have them available. They just do not have the large canvas print capabilities, unless heavily stylized and reworked with in photo software, that my newer photographic images have. They were just too small files, when shot, and when originally saved.

A well, I have begun to (as can be found in a few just previous posts) work with mock up interior walls, to display framed prints and canvasses, giving a better visual of how they can visually impact a wall and a living space. A few of the interiors I am using are my own. But, since my taste may not be Everyone's taste (it isn't lol) I did purchase a few from other Etsy sellers, who specialize in them.

One decision that came out of this focus on increasing my photography as print and canvas pieces, is to remove it from the print on demand site Society6. I did so because I felt it was vulnerable on there as their zoomed up viewable image is a little to exposed and unprotected from theft, though not by any means a great resolution image, it is good enough for many to do Something with if they chose. Therefore, I withdrew any fine art photography from my shop there.

All my prints are printed by Le Pix in east Toronto, whom I trust explicitly with my images! They are fine art printers as well as framers, and they do an excellent job! Their studio space is also breathtakingly cool and amazing!

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