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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Cool Sale on Redbubble!

Woke up to 2 sales today through my Redbubble shop that one of was actually quite exciting!

Recently, they have added women's chiffon tops on Redbubble. I have slowly (and I mean slowly unfortunately) been enabling this new product with all my previous graphic designs that I feel will suit it well. In doing so, I decided to enable the men's all over print panel t-shirt at the same time, for some of the designs I previously had i still disabled for.

One is the design here, on a men's top, which I only put available for purchase a week or so ago. I figured, ok, this pattern will appeal to guys, it actually is quite cool, modern and artsy, not too feminine that not one guy would like it. Plus, girls probably like the guy's t-shirt cut anyway.

Well, wasn't I pleasantly surprised to see this design sell, on a men's panel t-shirt last night! Yay! I hope the buyer loves it as I totally love this pattern myself that I created.

I created it from 3 existing patterns, a geometric, a mandala tile, and a leopard print pattern, patterns I had already designed but had used on their own. This pattern is a blend of them, with some scrubbed out (burn out) areas, to create this modern grunge geo animal print pattern :-) I have slight variations in the colours for it as well, as well as slightly less busy versions.

Men's Graphic Geo Animal Print Burn Out T-Shirt

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