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Friday, 27 May 2016

A Tribute to the USA Collection

I am Canadian, and I Love Canada, yes I do. But, we are neighbours with a terrific country full of wonderful people, places to visit, lots of unbelievable sights, architecture, culture, film, music, books, art, you name it. They come preeeeetty close to Canada ;-) Ok, we have Trudeau and they may get, oh let's see ... Trump. But, not being a political person, that's as far as I'll venture down That path. At least I Know who our Prime Minister is now, my kids had to inform me that Harper was our Prime Minister a few years ago, when I happened to ask one day, "who is our Prime Minister again?" when they were talking about something some such to do with Canadian politics from high school classes lol!

Anyhoo ...... back on a lighter tone and back to Design on this Blog!

I had done a floating star, with herringbone weave pattern, a while back, and I used it a bit on some products. Mainly, it sold through Society6, but not on Zazzle, as a pillow cover.

I also had done some gradient stripe patterns that graduated their colours as well as their thick and thinness.

One day, riding the subway home last summer, I had an idea that if I blended my stars with my stripes, having already had a blue and red stripe design, it may make a really cool American flag themed design. I did, and I was fine with the result. It is abstract, but it does bring to mind for me the American patriotic colours and theme. It's also kind of cool, and rich deep colours, which I tend to like.

The flip flops are my favourite product that feature my design mash up and this theme.

However, I did a collection of items, which I feel suit the design, and that may end up appealing to buyers, and I have that featured here below.

My royalty rates are always lowish, not higher than 15% on most if not almost all of my products, usually around 11% for most more pricey items, so enjoy :-)

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