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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

My 2 Non Conventional Display Walls

I decided to use a 2nd photo I shot about a year ago as another interesting display environment for my framed photos, besides the grungy reno wall.

This one is a partially painted wall on the semi covered patio of a restaurant in Toronto. It's a very good restaurant that we go to maybe 5 times a year, near my present work, and near the art college both myself and my husband attended years ago, at different times.

Not really the conventional mock display walls but I really like them. What I will do is try to choose what images may go with which wall, and some may not go with either. A 3rd one will need to be procured. I will find one, if I don't already have one in my 70+ thousand images over the last decade or so. Three is always a more balanced feeling number than 2 :-)

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