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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Changed my Etsy Shop Photo Cover

Since, really, the photo cover is more meant to be like a wallpaper border, an image, or graphic, not a banner per say, with all kinds of text, I decided to change mine.

I wanted to go with a photo I set up, in shallow depth of field, of some clay and some of my tools. However, I've already printed little business cards and stickers for my packaging, with my older banner. So, I decided to combine that abstract texture pattern I had created, to resemble clay, with the photo. Already in the middle of painting my recent clay creation, the set up was already there :-) Candid is usually better. I used Photoshop and masks to create a soft gradient and show the pattern within the dark area on one side.

Being the nit picky visual artist that I am with composition, I want to slightly change the way the banner falls so that my square does not fall almost exactly in line with the edge of that bowl. The bowl needs to sit slightly more to the left in order not to bug me.

I was able to figure out how to do a screen shot on my Samsung Note 2, which is quite fun, you swipe your hand across the screen and you hear a camera shutter sound lol! First I had to allow it in settings.

I decided I really wanted to keep my original, small banner for my second shop, Artbyjocelyn, since I had labels made for my pillows, clothing, etc. that I have printed from my graphic designs. Therefore, sort of "borrowing" an idea from LinkedIn, I decided to make a cut out in a natural wood grain shot I took, which I added a gradient to for my Zazzle banner, and allow my small original banner to float in a white space. I had to do two tries to get it to resize how I wanted it to for a phone view. My little banner is not great resolution, teaches me to begin Anything in 72 dpi and only a couple hundred pixels high, which I Never do usually, but for some dumb reason did with that little flying bird banner I created a couple months back. But, it's ok, it will suffice.

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