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Saturday, 20 February 2016


Wow, was excited to see that Artofwhere designed an app that allows one to sync their items to a store with Shopify. It is wonderful, as just relying on being found via Artofwhere just does not work from what I can gather.

However, I found the Shopify interface, especially how to integrate those products with a chosen shop theme, pretty complicated and confusing. After spending hours and getting more and more confused, I closed my Shopify store. They do offer a 14 days trial but it'd take way longer than 14 days for me to even figure out how to navigate it all and get it set up so it looks professional.

The SEO side of it is not complicated, my husband who is great at it, and skilled at Bootstrap as well as Google error free site building, has helped me immensely in that regard, but how to get products arranged right, and why it seems that duplicate work constantly needed to be done, was so muddled that I decided I did not have enough spare time to devote to it all.

I decided since I already am familiar with Weebly, to play around with their Store interface. I already find it much more easy to figure out, especially with the help of video tutorials from all kids of generous sources.

Yes, I wish I could just bring in my Artofwhere images, but in many ways, I do not like the background choices for some of them, specifically the 1 to 3 year old sized baby leggings, so will be spending time constructing my own thumbnail images for those.

As well, I will most likely expand my product line in the shop to other select print on demand items from Society6 and Zazzle. But I will begin with Artofwhere. Artofwhere is ideal as you are able as an artist, to design your own label and packaging that Artofwhere will put on your item when it is printed and shipped to your buyer. So, that I will need to consider before possibly adding items from other POD fulfilment manufacturers.

Edit: Ended up giving up on a store altogether after losing part of my weekend to it, and it not working out. It is too much of a monetary endouver right now, with no guarantee of it being successful, and it also deserves more time and research to be done before hand, something I don't have a lot of over the next 9 - 12 months.

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