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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Sexy Panel Dress and Boho Dress on ArtofWhere

I love the panel dress design and wanted to do my own version of that layout, using one of my own tile patterns. There are 4 colour versions available, in the sexy bodycon dress cut. I'm a curvy hourglass shape so it is tempting to purchase one of my own dresses :-)

A little background on this pattern. It all began with a walk near our old apartment in Whitby, Ontario. There is a huge group of wild turkeys which when we first encountered them, added to about 12 or 14. Then, one spring, we got to see the babies. Now, there are upwards of 30 or so turkeys that roam around the farm land and conservation area where people visit to feed the resident chickadees, blue jays, chipmunks, cardinals, sparrows, and more. My personal blog has a few but here is one past post about these very turkeys.

I took a lot of photos of them, and some of their beautiful plumage. Subsequently, I simplified the feather textures, worked in Photoshop to create a Mandala shapes, incorporated it into a few different patterns and design uses. But, when I decided to mirror and tile it, it had the look of stylized snake or reptile skin, a diamond mosaic south western feeling pattern. I loved it!!!

An idea hit me, if I could use a vector shape and draw a nice contour curvy line and create a side shape and make this side shape a solid colour, it may just make a really cool flattering dress design! I did a black and white first. I had to do it twice because I underestimated the height I'd need for the image file when placing on the dress template. But on the 2nd try, having to go in and adjust my vector paths and refill, I got it perfect! So, I did a teal, wine red and blue one as well. The pattern varies from the black and white one a bit as when I defined the single pattern square, I must have made it a bit of a smaller pixel size. But, I like both.

As well, I worked with a couple other older patterns I'd already designed, a mandala tile and a herringbone weave ombre pattern, tiled and placed, faded out one edge, unified the colours a bit better, and created a Boho inspired eastern influenced pattern mash up :-)

My Artofwhere Dresses

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