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Saturday, 27 February 2016

New Look for my Print on Demand Website

My site is through Weebly, which has new, more current look theme templates. I migrated my site into one of the simple, clean themes, and reworked the pages. I like the look of it better now, as well as the clean simple pages.

Having played around with both Weebly and Shopify stores, after a couple serious issues, and the speculative nature of managing to be successful with them compared to the initial monetary output, made me decide to forego the idea for now.

My husband then informed me, "you don't need to pay one of those sites to have a store, you can build your own fully functioning store" and add Paypal checkout, and everything, through his web hosting, where we just finished building my past art gallery site and he has his domain and site through, Hostpapa. So this is what I will do over the next couple of years.

Biggest reason I want my own store? So that I can feature and sell via drop shipping, clothing featuring my designs of mixed prints, abstract and graphic patterns.

Having people link to another site to make a purchase is not really how I want my site to work. On top of that, it is very difficult to be found amidst all the other designers, on sites like Artofwhere, a Canadian print on demand print studio and manufacturer which happens to be my favourite for quality of their prints and fabrics as well as reliability for their shipping times. They have an awesome selection of apparel and their throw cushions are soft and yummy yet durable and well sewn.

Snaps of my Home page, Creative Wares page (with slide show) and About Me page :-)

Home Page

Shop Creative Wares Page

About Me Page

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