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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

My Primitive Clay Bunny is Hopping Out of my Etsy Shop!

In the past week, it has had a dozen likes, and 2 orders! I am happy because I really love my design, love the antique sort of feel it had when I was finished my first one.

Usually I am not good at cartooney or stylized animals and characters, but I had this vision for this simple rabbit ornament that I wanted to design and make for a family member. When I completed it, I was very thrilled with it, so decided, hey, I should make and offer these in my Etsy shop asimpleknead

It makes a perfect gift topper or gift just as it is.

Not sure why all of a sudden it is suddenly getting views, faves and a couple more purchases, I cannot see where they are coming from at all. However, I just realized it is almost Easter, so maybe that is why :-)

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