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Sunday, 14 February 2016

My Cool Pool Table Ring Holder!

Having played in the CPA league, an amateur organized pool league in Canada, for 10 years, I'm a Huge pool playing fan! I love pool, I love the strategy, the defensive plays, the angles, and the sweet feeling of getting an awesome and difficult bank shot to win! I played 8 ball, preferring that over 9 ball. My team was really nice, and I miss playing in the league. It got a bit too expensive to keep up with every week.

However, I still play for leisure, as we have a billiards room in our condo facilities, and we take our own cues and chalks down :-)

This piece has been inspired for my continual love of billiards. It is a little mini pool table, sort of fashioned on the traditional Brunswick table.It's not to scale, and the balls are a bit to big for the table, but I took artistic license here. It is about 2 1/2" in size, and stands about 1 1/4". It holds about 2-3 rings depending on the sizes of them. Or, it could just be a little piece of decorative sculpture.

It is made from artist grade Premo polymer clay, hand formed, rubbed with copper and gold metallic gilders paste, and sealed with PYMII.

Available on Etsy

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