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Thursday, 21 January 2016

So Happy! New Review on Zazzle!!!

Love this review! So cute!!!!

When I saw this item sell, I was so excited! Why? Because I Almost deleted it when I was house keeping in my store! My reasoning was fuelled by "no one wants just abstract textures on an item like that, they want some cute character and goofy silly saying or a monogram" No one will pay the money for some plain old created rock texture. But, I stopped, and I thought, No, this is what I wanted to design, really cool textures that you cannot get anywhere else. I created this texture by hand and through a lot of trial and error and it's a nice masculine design. No one does stuff for the guys as much. So, I left it, I gave it a chance. Then, a couple months later, I saw it sell! I was so happy! One of the most thrilling sales. Did I make a ton? No, but the sale was so worth it's weight in gold :-) I am so happy my design reached someone and they loved it and they bought a usable every day (ok, well not Every day lol) item adorned with it.

Thank you to my buyer!!!

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