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Saturday, 30 January 2016

New "Old" Wedding Invitations!

Cleaning out my old photos off CDs, from years ago, and transferring them back on to my hard drive, I happened upon a photo I shot, which was curiously extremely over exposed. Something about it made me pull it and put it aside in my "possibles" file as I had a rough beginning of an idea for a new wedding invitation design.

I took the image, and with a lot of playing around with filters and borders, a graphics program, and textures, gave it the antique look I wanted. I had to manually fool around with the colour and the contrast quite a bit until I got the tones I wanted. I under saturated some of the flower petals at the edges of the hanging basket. Then, it needed something. So, I grabbed an old poem from the a public domain site, translated it into French, chose an old looking script in my graphic software, and with blending layers, duplicating, scrubbing out with a mask, changing the colour of the font from black to a brown, and fading the text, then angling it, I got the effect I wanted of old handwriting on aged paper. The poem in the end didn't really matter lol!

It was not until I looked at the image 100% on my screen a few nights later, that I noticed the bird hidden in the flowers! It all came back to me! I recalled that a Robin had nested in the hanging fake flowers in a hanging flower basket on the veranda of my ex inlaws' ranch style home up north of Toronto. That was why I had this overexposed photo, I shot it that way on purpose so I could see the robin!

The result below is my newest, and long time over due, new Old wedding invitation, done in a Victorian turn of the 1900s style. Below are the front and the back views.

Now I just need to create matching RSVP cards. It's a lot of work doign invitations so I am unsure how soon I will be able to do that.

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