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Thursday, 7 January 2016

My Print on Demand Shops Goals for 2016

So far, this early in 2016, I have felt excited to see that the last few months, and into the New Year, my sales on Redbubble and Society6 have begun to increase. Zazzle however, is still stronger for me regarding selling my designs on products, than the aforementioned 2 POD sites, but I hope that they will one day be neck in neck.

During the winter, I will begin to focus on adding more of my designs already completed to both Redbubble and Society6. At the same time, I will take some time to "housekeep" my Zazzle shop, which means editing descriptions and tags as well as retiring old products and designs that see no activity or that I feel are not really up to par. They will be left as direct link only in case they've been shared anywhere on line, by me or by someone else.

Society6 requires exact dimsions in their uploads, whereas Zazzle is much more versatile and you are able to scale, move, crop, etc. the one image file for any product's template. This creates for me a little rather time consuming task of having to create new image files if I want to add more products to each uploaded design's line up of products, featuring that design, on that site.

Most sales I make tend to be home decor, such as throw cushions, cushion covers, shower curtains, etc., and the 2nd most purchased items are electronic device cases and covers, all featuring my original traditional abstract, organic influenced, Gothic, industrial, and Boho graphics and patterns. This reinforces for me that my desire and choice to continue to commit myself to creating artistic, unique, hopefully timeless, and traditional veined designs, textures and patterns is perhaps not such a bad choice after all. My reasons are as follows:

  •  I love it!
  •  don't have to keep spending time chasing the trends
  •  appeal to and bring in a different target market to the venue where my shop resides
  •  not as much competition as I'd face by following the trends (better possibility of standing out)
  •  no need to purchase the same over used clip art, graphics & texts seen on many popular printables
  •  can design at my leisure and expect to have some longevity to the products featuring those designs
  •  feel like I am meeting my primary goal of exercising my artistic wings and creativity
  •  and .... did I mention I Love It!

The nice thing is, because I have hundreds of Photoshop CS5 files of all my original designs, it means I can keep up with the trends in Colour at least, which is something that is up my alley anyway, colour schemes, by being able to change the colours many different ways. Though I tend to lean towards the tertiaries, muted earth tones, in my artwork and graphic work, I do like to try to go outside my comfort zone and use some bright colours when designing. My home is filled with bright spicy Mexican influenced colour but as a painter, I lean more towards the traditional limited palette of more natural muted colour.

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