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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Designing and Purchasing my Own Wallet!

I have a wallet I got from a thrift shop 4 years ago. It was so cool, real leather, made in the USA, and only $5 or $6, not used at all from what I could see. Well, it held up ok but it is tearing and pulling where the snap does up. I decided that it was time for a new wallet.

Checking the price of the denim wallet on Zazzle, since while designing them I found they looked pretty nice, I found that the shipping to Canada is not all that ridiculous at all! Yay! So, I designed one that I love, using one of my patterns I created recently in Photoshop, and I altered the colours I originally used, to a blue and orange, which I love! The industrial chic basket weave metal mesh look columns are also right up my alley :-)

I will report back, with images, once I receive on what I know will be the excellent quality!

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