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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Creating a Collection of Artistic Hand Made Appeal Business Accessories

Having just ordered from Zazzle my own business cards and small address return labels which I will use like "tape" to seal my tissue or wrapping paper for my own hand made polymer clay jewellery shop on Etsy  -  asimpleknead - gave me an idea!

I wanted to create some more abstract, artsy, organic, natural textures and designs that coincide well with the Hand Made based business accessory needs, artisan shops, home based businesses, Etsy shop keepers, etc. to use with their business branding.

I have begun to design product tags, business cards, tissue paper, and small sealing stickers, all with a matching abstract graphic theme. The themes will range from Urban Grunge, to Boho and Hippie, Elegant, Retor, and Basic Simple. Business owners are able to customize the text fields and add images or logos as needed.

Designing simple was my choice. However, if a template does not suit what a business person needs on their cards or tags, they have the option of reaching out to me and I am able to design a personal, custom template for them, using their images, text, etc. and list a private custom listing for them to purchase once the design is approved by them. For instance, if they want to add social media icons and their respective addresses for buyers to follow them, that can be done as a custom order through me.

This Collection is just a beginning sample of what I will continue to create and add to. I began with my Subtle Urban Grunge textures and patterns.

NOTE: will not be receiving my business cards nor my labels since I unfortunately chose to not pay the exorbitant tracked shipping charge to track my shipment, and although my address was fine, seems Canada Post didn't deliver them to my mailbox or my buildings' concierge at all :-(  Zazzle won't replace them as they were shipped untracked. So, I will be figuring out locally where I could print them. They are much better suited ordering from Zazzle if one is in the US, or willing to pay the huge upgraded shipping charge :-( It is too bad, because Zazzle's quality is excellent.

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