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Friday, 2 October 2015

Pattern Made on Samsung Galaxy Note 2!!!!

On a whim at work, because I always have loved them, I bought a co-worker's Galaxy Note. Finding out I downgraded from my Moto G 2nd Gen, mainly due to camera quality (ok, who cares, I have a Nikon D610 and my phone was Not had to be my camera lol!) made me feel dumb and a bit down, and yes, I also found out after my phone tab could have gotten me a free newest Moto G. However, I went ahead and I unlocked the 3 year old used phone I bought, I put my SIM card in it, and I was determined to not feel dopey and regret my hasty decision.

Little did I know how much I would Love this phone! It's big and hunky and heavy, which I like, and it has a gorgeous screen. It also has this little pencil thing called a stylus, and it has this feature called Idea Note, and in it, a Scrapbook page thing. You can actually draw! And, it can be saved as a jpg image. The size isn't too bad, as long as you don't expect miracles from it print wise, and you can use the drawings to make patterns which I discovered, and they can be made to have transparent backgrounds, textures added, skewed, smoothed, whatever your little heart desires, in Photoshop! The possibilities are endless!

I realized that no more do I have to draw out my ideas for patterns or polymer clay pendants in a big spiral notebook, and no matter Where I am if an idea hits me I can draw it in my Note and save it immediately!

This is a phone made for artists :-)

This is my first pattern. Drawn by hand, cleaned up and played with in Photoshop CS5. I hope to do many more! My idea is to do some hand done, primitive style patterns, which I had begun in Photoshop just a little while ago.

Below is my first use of this pattern on a square throw cushion available in my Zazzle shop!

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