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Saturday, 17 October 2015

A Full Day's Work Zazzle Calendar

I wanted to create a calendar that someone who loves the grungy, urban, abstract textures, graphics and themes like I do would enjoy!

I began each design with either one of my own abstract digitally created textures or my original photographs. With lots of grunge graphics, light effects, borders, blending filters, and digital textures, plus some manual brush, tools and mask work, I was able to come up with 12 images, plus 12 more images, for each calendar month.

My concept encompassed keeping the top page image darker or higher colour and contrast, while the bottom image would be a lighter same or flipped version or a complimentary version. The bottom image needed to be light so the grid would show.

I tried to keep the theme of the semi abstract texture images I was creating appropriate to the time of year the month fell in, what it was sort of known for, what the month evokes seasonally, or if there was a predominant theme to the month, as in the Christmas winter grunge one with crystal shapes, snow flakes and circular bokeh shapes for December, but still sort of urban grunge and dingy :-)

Each month, the top image has a rectangular opening with soft edges which will display a buyer's photo that they can upload to replace my own dopey sepia toned cropped portrait (lookin' a bit like a female Gene Wilder, my fav!) which serves as the template image holder for each month lol!

People could also customize further by adding little images to the bottom page, under the grid, or add text wherever they like, using the Customize tools. The tools are really not difficult to use, and any time a buyer were to ever need help, most of us Designers would be more than happy to help, even create and list on Zazzle a custom product listing just for them to privately access by a link not available publicly at all.

It was a full day's undertaking, but it was well worth it, I am thrilled with the results!

2 month example pages

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