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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Ceramic Drawer Pulls Available Via Zazzle!

Not sure if the round full print surface drawer pull was one of the styles originally available when Zazzle first introduced them a while ago. I think no since I chose not to bother designing any. However, about a week or so ago, I noticed the round ones on the site. It'd be nice if there were choices for chrome, black and gold but the white with the full print option on front is truly better than no full print option.

I have many many ideas for redoing my own kitchen cabinet knobs, many involve hand sculpting medallions for pre existing Home Depot type bought knob centres, something I did and sold as sets years ago on eBay. I used to pop out the centre and inset my own hand created polymer clay sculpted medallions in varying themes. However, I decided to order 2 from Zazzle, of the white round ceramic knobs, with one of my favourite Mandala designs, the one I created from Monarch butterfly wing patterns, and use them in my bathroom. I wanted to at least see the quality and the print quality on them.

They arrived fast! On top of that, they are Gorgeous! They have a nice weight, they do Not come across as cheap in any way, and the design printed perfectly true to my design on my screen, and even true to how it views on my own monitor screen on the Zazzle product page. To say the list, I was HAPPY :-)

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