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Sunday, 6 September 2015

So Sick of What's Trendy lol!

Having spent a lot of my holiday weekend reworking my old old listings on Zazzle, working on the advanced SEO of my website a bit, and a portrait commission, my head is spinning.

Part of me finds myself depressed as an artist while working on my Zazzle shop, an artist who does Not want to succumb to just being another designer offering consumer appeal mass produced occasions stationary and products full of the same typical trendy designs and themes seen everywhere, that have overwhelmed the market, suffocating it in my opinion, products using the same digital program generated or bought stock images and graphics, being found on the front page of every single POD site, on Etsy, everywhere. Soooo, time to get out of here for a bit and go out for a hike and enjoy Nature's trends. If I didn't hear the words TRENDY or TRENDING ever again, I'd be more that thrilled!

Nature is timeless, never to be copied and visually repetitive and boring.

Just having one of those days - this too shall pass lol!

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