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Friday, 11 September 2015

My Monthly Zazzle Shop Discount!

Rolling around in my mind for some time has been an idea that incorporates freshening up my website as well as offering a savings to potential buyers. The idea: HOW TO OFFER A MONTHLY SALE THROUGH MY ZAZZLE SHOP

I have come up with a way, though it is difficult and needs precise attending to. Below lays it out as brief as possible.

We, the designer, may choose a royalty % rate above Zazzle's product base price. This allows us to earn a bit of revenue through allowing our design to marry a product offered by Zazzle, then be purchased by You the buyer. The minimum we designers may choose (no, we cannot choose 0%) is 5%.

Generally, I choose between 12.5% and 24% for most products I offer my designs on through my Zazzle shop. The most common being around 14.9%

However, every month, I will choose one specific product featuring one design, and I will set that product at 5% royalty which means I have reduced the buying price by minimum 7.5% and the savings are passed on to you the buyer :-)

This month I have chosen my most recent product and a brand new product option to Zazzle too, for decorative lamp options! A modern abstract tiled tribal pyramid pattern in the latest 2015 colour palette! Background color can be personalized! MY USUAL ROYALTY PERCENTAGE ON MY LAMPS IS 14.5% so you save 9.5%

September is the launch of this offer! Check back the first day of every month to find out what surprise product it will be! It's good till the last day of the month!

Hope to see a favourite product you've been eyeing? Please comment or contact and I will possibly honour that request in the next 2 months :-)

Modern Caramel Grey Tribal Lined Tiled Triangle Tripod Lamp
Modern Caramel Grey Tribal Lined Tiled Triangle Tripod Lamp by artbyjocelyn
Check out Abstract modern tribal pattern Lamp-In-A-Box Lamp online at zazzle

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