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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Making a Calendar is Extremely Time Consuming!

So why do I do it?! I have not ever sold the ones I've done. Though One reason could have been .... I PUT A SPECIFIC YEAR DATE ON THE BACK THAT WAS PERMANENT!!!!  Giving them too short of a purchaseable life span.

Doh! So, who is going to buy a 2016 calendar that says 2015 on the Back! lol! I even shared, pinned, and marketed the calendars which made it even Harder to figure out how to customize them, relist and avoid breaking all those links! Needless to say, I corrected that issue as best as I could, since the calendars update each year on Zazzle, something I wasn't sure of at the time I first made them. So, I just made those old calendars Direct links only and have the new link in the description on the listing for the newest version! It won't need to be done again at least.

I have been slowly assembling from my 70000+ images I've shot over the last 4 or 5 years, sunset, sunrise and beach images for my next 2 calendars.

Calendars make perfect gifts and people love gorgeous photos of landscape, beaches, sunsets, sunrises, flowers, bees, butterflies, etc. to break up their day and liven up their work space.

My Current Bird and Butterfly Calendars on Zazzle

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