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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Concentrating on Photography

The announcement about Zazzle's improvements to their calendar products has sparked me even more to continue with a (sort of) decision I made the last couple of weeks to concentrate more on my fine art photography prints on print on demand sites as well as, and especially on Etsy.

Since I don't really naturally fall into that category of artist/designer who is able to jump on the bandwagon and who is "creating the newest trendy designs and graphics of the day" that are so very prevalent and seemingly sought after by the mass consumers, and enjoy most my painting and photography, both which fall more along the lines of "traditional realism" I felt that I wanted to go back to what brought me to Zazzle. My art.

Calendars are a perfect way to be able to marry my photography with a product on Zazzle where traditional fine art photo images work!

I have already begun the long and arduous task of going through my 70000+ images that I've shot between 2011 and present, and taking ones I feel are good and putting them in subject files. I have presently, 3 calendars. However, one of the new options on them has forced me for the 3rd time to have to republish them. Hopefully this will be the last and Final time lol! It's a bit of an issue because I have already shared links to said calendars on Pinterest, Twitter and on my website, not to mention in earlier posts here. But, I feel it is worth correcting the calendars, to allow for the new options to be there for buyers, and to correct the links I've shared.

So, on top of working more on my Etsy photography print shop, I will also be doing more listing of photography prints and calendars on Zazzle too :-)

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