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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Our Little Bar Face Project!

Originally, as I posted back a while ago, we had wanted to do a complete faux fossil in stone wall, in 3 panels, on our bar front and side, with stencils, plaster, paint and textures. However, the more we thought about it, the less that we could see the time being available, plus the work would have to be left here one day once we had to move in our elderly years possibly.

We tossed around getting faux metal tiles but finding them in a store was difficult and we'd need to order them from the manufacturer. Though I liked them, it was too difficult and expensive.

I love industrial chic design and I have many of my own original designs already done. It was a matter of choosing what to get printed, once I discovered the perfect solution!

I ran across a Canadian company called Poster Jack via a search for wall decals that could possibly be big enough to print 3 or 4 and panel them across our bar front surface. Our bar was just a fake blonde wood synthetic piece, somewhat like laminate flooring. It was boring and ugly.

The image I chose to use fit perfectly on a 24"x36" Peel & Stick linen print with adhesive on back. It can be lifted easily and re placed. The surface is a lovely matte fine linen fabric texture and the pieces are thin and easy to manoeuvre. The print was the exact colour of my design and was crisp and sharp! 

We washed and dried the surface then just started from a bottom corner up, lining them up and then flattening them. Wrinkles and the off air trap were easy to push out. It is easier with 2 people for pieces this large though. The small shelf piece, anyone can do that themselves without help.

The finish was excellent! We love it! Now all I need is a metal corner piece to finish off the one corner edge.

my original artwork

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