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Thursday, 13 August 2015

New Clothing Website - Joss Designs

Having discovered Artofwhere, a Canadian print on demand company who does everything in house from their headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, prompted me to split clothing into a whole new separate website.

The flare skirts and capri yoga leggings are an exciting clothing item for adding my original designs to and being able to make available for sale. Add that to the all over printed tees and tanks available through Zazzle, and it meant that I would be designing a lot more clothing!

My new site is called Joss Designs (Website Now Closed). There you will be able to find organized into 3 categories, men's, women's clothing and baby leggings.

My husband helped me make, from scratch, using vector shapes, my patterns, masks and blending layers, my site banner!

My Home page explains purchasing details as well as a brief blurb on the 2 print on demand sites I choose to predominantly work with for my clothing designs. When a potential buyer clicks on a product, it will take them to the product detail and purchase page on the particular site it is available through and they will be able to securely checkout through that site, using their payment processor/s options. The product then will be shipped from there.

One little issue that I have to solve is the fact that Artofwhere shows Canadian prices, which will look higher to US buyers, until they checkout and see the exchange conversion - the CAN$ is worth less than the US$ on the market right now so US buyers will actually be paying about .78 cents for every Canadian $1.

In the near future, I will be ordering myself a flare skirt or pair of capri leggings for myself :-) The hard part is deciding which of the hundreds of designs I've created do I want on the clothing piece!

NOTE: This site I closed. My clothing is now available directly from me, through Natural Design by Jocelyn

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