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Monday, 31 August 2015

Lots of Work Ahead!

Something I have not done since rejoining the print on demand site Zazzle in Spring 2012, looking at my old products.

Glad I did because wow, and "ignorant" is the only word I can think of, but my tagging was ignorant, horrid, sad, and off the mark. I clearly had No idea how tagging worked on Zazzle anymore after being away almost 5 years. I was treating it like I was meta tagging on my own personal website or listings on eBay probably. One example: no need to write "home d├ęcor" or "wall art" or "wedding stamps" "gift for him" etc. when tagging on Zazzle as they already have embedded tags for their site's categories and products, and we are not supposed to use "suggestion" type tags. Plus, it took me a bit to realize that I could use " for 2-3 word phrase tags, which the search engines of now adays like :-) Doh!

I did realize this after a bit but I guess not till 100+ product listings or so. Having never really revisited my first products and my re-entry products, I totally had blanked out that I had done such inane tagging! lol!

Many of these products are quite old, and my designs have progressed much past them, and most likely they'd never get found anyway now, but if I plan on leaving them there, I really have no choice but to re-describe and correct all the tagging on them. Deleting ones I really feel are not great, I am tackling the what will be a slow going task of correcting all the offending products. It would bug me to just leave them.

Doing each one one by one is one big pain in the arse lol!

But, I chose to make print on demand a (hopefully) lucrative side income as well as having it as a "feed the need for creativity" avenue, plus hope it will supplement my geriatric years fixed income. Zazzle by far has been the most free and creative interface for artists/designers so I need to put in some effort, more than I was, if I plan on being semi successful in reaching my personal goals. 

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