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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

2 Awesome Flare Skirts You Won't Find Anywhere Else!

These 2 designs are among my most favourite that I've done and they make very unique designs for flare skirts!

I worked a long time to create the graphic fossil shapes, erasing and manipulating some basic shapes to get the perfect spirals I wanted, plus the effects I wanted. Much of it was born from happy accidents with blending layers, trial and error, plus finicky arranging and rearranging the spatial relationship of the shapes. I have 5 different textures and colours of this design. Even bought myself my daily use tote bag from my Society6 shop with one of them, which I love!

The 2nd design I wanted to do a text only design based on Positivity, positive thoughts, living and life experiences and paths. A bit cliche but I felt compelled to do it. I can be a sceptical person, a negative person at times, but am constantly trying to be positive and attract positivity in my life, so this design symbolizes that for me. I like the faux turquoise green blue blue jeans texture background with light and dark lettering out of the 2 colour designs I did.This design was tons of work, I did all of the laying of the words manually, altering the fonts, and creating the paths, then the textures and using blending layers.

Both created wonderful little unique skirts that I have made available through Artofwhere, both which I am Very tempted to order for myself!

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