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Saturday, 29 August 2015

1940s Admiral TV Upcycled 2nd Time Around

Years ago, when I lived in Ajax with my kids and their Dad, I spotted this old Admiral wood 1940s era TV out in front of someone's house on garbage day. My kids' Dad reluctantly indulged me by going back with me to get it in the truck. Later on, a couple months later, he and my children surprised me with it on Mother's Day, restored by him and added to by the kids with rocks and wood pieces, into a terrarium for a couple small lizards. We had anoles and a grass lizard in it. They were quite content for several years. Once they passed, I didn't end up getting more and it remained empty. One reason was that with all the crickets supply coming in all the time, it was quite noisy, plus there were tons of spider homes building up around it for all the insects it seemed to attract.

Currently, I decided to restore this much loved little piece into a plant holder. Much quieter than crickets chirping night and day in one's living room and still very cool and pretty.

I bought marine varnish, the best recommended one I could get, and I varnished it twice. Most of the electrical parts I had to remove, like the special lighting, etc. and the openings I hope will allow the plants chosen for it, some freedom and light. I will need to find plants that thrive in shade as my and my husband's balcony in our unit does not get much direct all day sunlight, more diffused light, as we face north. Perfect for painting by mind you lol!

A little trick I learned from my husband is to use crunchy peanut butter to clean off any small amounts of varnish from my hands, then add face soap after I've scrubbed with the peanut butter for a few minutes, then rinse off. It works like a charm! Mind you, wearing gloves to begin with would probably have been the better choice lol! I don't like wearing gloves to do things however :-)

Now comes the fun part, looking into and choosing some plants, but only a few since it is end of season soon anyway.

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