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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Successfully Minimize a Cast Shadow in Photoshop CS5

For my listing images for my Etsy shop, asimpleknead, I sometimes don't have the luxury of having perfect natural lighting conditions.

Here is a brief example of going from an original photo shot, to a ready listing image.

I removed the harsh shadow, not with cloning, but by:

- selecting the shape of the shadow
- move the selection over to a lighter area
- refine edge to have a bit of a feather (softening)
- choosing the refined selection as a separate layer with layer mask
- move new little selection over beneath object, cover shadow
- Transform to flip horizontal as the grain goes in a diff direction in the little selection
- reduce the opacity of the little selection covering shadow, to allow only a little of it to show through
- using the brush tool and on the mask, brush back some of the underneath wood grain layer to blend

I could have gone further, anal that I am able to be at times, and corrected the area further with some cloning, to match the grain perfectly, but for the purposes of showing the item nicely in a listing photo, this result was fine.

The result is a reduced intensity of the intrusive cast shadow :-)

original untouched photo

Photoshop screen

after cast shadow reduction

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