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Friday, 15 May 2015

Revamped my Etsy Polymer Clay Shop

I decided that since my polymer clay creations were moving into encompassing far more than just my billiard or pool player themes, I needed to really think about changing my shop name and brand appearance. I also decided to register my domain name so that no one else could take it from me, as they did my original shop name Poolygamy.

My polymer clay creations tend to be on the simple or primitive side, and I tediously knead and form all my creations by hand, maintaining a less manufactured look to the pieces, therefore I wanted a name that conjures this notion. I prefer more natural, free form kneaded and sculpted clay creating, simple design, more on the hippie or Boho side. Therefore, I came up with "A Simple Knead"

My next step is to rephotograph my pieces and to go back to creating :-)

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