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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Redbubble - Took the Plunge

Having discovered Redbubble recently, I explored the site and decided I'd give it a go.

Originally, I had looked at Redbubble, and something stopped me from bothering to use it as a venue for my designs and photography. The reason, I eventually recalled, was due to the fact that my first impression was that my design would have to go on every product choice and I didn't want that. My intention was to find another print on demand venue where I could design for and market throw cushions. However, investigating further, I found that one is able to Disable products that one's design won't work on, as well as specifically replace the original image with a new image of proper dimensions.

Throw cushions appeal to me as a designer and artist, maybe because they seem like a little mini canvas :-) Ironically, when first designing for and uploading my graphic designs onto Zazzle, to make available on throw cushions, I had serious doubts as to them ever really selling well as a product due to their purchase price. Now, they are one of my, if not my most, sold product! It helped when Zazzle opened up the options to allow for a slightly less expensive smaller size and choice of material (polyester in stead of just cotton). I prefer polyester because colours and such are brighter and sharper on it.

Now, I really find I Love Redbubble! They have some really cool products that Zazzle doesn't have. One of my favourites is the leggings! I can tile some of my Boho abstract designs and Mandala patterns on them and they look real cool! Many I'd personally buy and wear myself! The also just recently have added pencil skirts. Not a style or feel that tends to suit me but the same thing is possible, I am able to tile a lot of my graphic designs onto them and they are cool, funky, modern and unique!

On top of that, it is also another venue where I am able to offer prints of my fine art photography. Therefore, I will continue to add to my portfolio there, as well as on Zazzle and Society6, and see what the future holds :-)


pencil skirt

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