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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

OMG Sometimes I Wish I Lived in the US!

Ok, no, not really, I love Canada .....but! If I did, I'd be able to order the wall decal I wanted to use for wrapping a corner shelf with one of my own Boho mandala tiled patterns :-( The $15 wall decal will cost me $20 to ship :-( Uhhhh, no :-( It's not worth it :-( I could print my own image out from Photoshop, in Canada, and adhere and seal it on myself with matte medium. Though I wanted to order it from Zazzle. As awesome as Zazzle products are, some of them, the manufacturer that they deal with, has only certain shipping options they will use, mainly due to tracking, and International express and tracked shipping is very high.

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