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Friday, 29 May 2015

My Corner Shelf Idea :-(

I have a little corner shelf in the washroom, that I stack extra toilet paper on, that I wanted to decorate so it wasn't a stark boring white. I had this idea that I could use a wall decal to cut and form and adhere onto it. I chose one of my recent Mandala Eastern designs that I like and I felt worked.

Low and behold, a 12"x12" wall decal - $20 to ship to Canada!!!!!!!! Guess the manufacturer will only ship tracked and express. No will do :-( This makes my little corner shelf cost $36 US which is close to $40 Canadian, just to paste a damn decal on lol! Will have to think of another idea, like possibly a faux finish I do myself.

However, I listed it for sale anyway because in the US, it doesn't cost near that to ship to someone.

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