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Friday, 17 April 2015

Tarnished Silver 1980s Wedding Wine Goblet Texture Design

Browsing through a thrift shop back in February, I spotted 2 really badly tarnished silver wine goblets that probably were used at the head table by the wedding couple for their toast. They were dated early 1980s. It was Feb 12th they were dated and we saw them Feb 14th or so, which obviously to me indicated they had been dropped off recently lol!

The texture and patterns that the tarnishing created was so gorgeous that I doubled back after a few minutes of contemplation, and grabbed one, permanently separating the couple it felt like lol!

Why they were there, I don't know, but I envisioned creating something beautiful with the patina texture. I love worn, old, rustic, distressed textures, especially metallic ones.

Finally, I got around to photographing it, which was mega hard because reflections kept interfering with the texture.

Another challenge was that due to the shape of the basin or cup part of the silver wine goblet, I'd be essentially cropping so much of the beautiful patina off to fit the rest into a square or rectangle composition, that I was not happy with that issue. Therefore, my husband showed me how to use the puppet morph tool in Photoshop to drag and arrange the image to stretch and fill a large rectangle, hence, I kept 95% of the surface texture :-)

One resulting product where I have applied this resulting vintage tarnished wedding silver texture is a throw cushion. I created customizable text which will appear like an engraving, for a wedding couple's names, and wedding day and year. Though possibly a little out there taste wise, I know there will be those who like the design as I do :-) More products I will soon create and make available with this abstract design over time.

Vintage Tarnished Silver Patina Wedding Goblet Throw Pillow
Vintage Tarnished Silver Patina Wedding Goblet Throw Pillow by artbyjocelyn
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