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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Mandala Themed Designs on Home Decor Gifts

Currently, I have been excited about working with some of my photographs, creating abstract Mandala shaped patterns. With some specific tweaking and experimenting with blending layers, contrast and value changes, as well as artistic filters, a number of my resulting decorative abstract designs have been visually thrilling!

Making the initial choice of a photograph or past graphic design is the make or break point usually. One can do all the steps to creating the mandala pattern but sometimes, in the end, it just was not going to be successful with the particular image chosen as the base, no matter what one tries to do later on manipulating the many results. However, for every one failure or unsuccessful attempt aesthetically, there are 9 thrilling and visually pleasing results!

What I have strived for with my resulting designs is an organic feel, natural looking presentation in the design as opposed to a synthetic, digital look to the artwork. Personally, I gravitate towards Eastern influenced design, particularly from India, in my own environment, so many of my favourite pattern choices will have this design theme.

The ability to tile these designs also provides many possible applications for fabric, tissue paper for wrapping, exciting custom designed mats, blankets, kitchen towels and place mats, and more!

Choose from a variety of gorgeous MANDALA THEMED HOME DECOR in my Zazzle shop!

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