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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Funky Ties for Brave Men

I used to pass this tie shop during my walk through the PATH in Toronto, from the Go Train station to my work place. In the front window was this display of perfectly arranged men's ties, on a table that tilted towards the view of the business men and women who passed it every morning and evening.

Like any visual artist, the array of exciting colour and patterns would catch my eye, make my brain and heart jump, and even make me stop for a few moments to look closer. Artists are often collectors, they love collections of little coloured things, stones, ornaments, paint tubes, pastel sticks, lipsticks, and yes, ties fit in there lol! Anything with a rainbow of tantalizing colour!

Men's ties have come a long way. These days topping the old conservative ties, stuffy, grey on grey in the most unobtrusive patterns, one now will often gaze upon funky, bright, Boho and artistic, brightly out there patterns and colour sporting white collar guys when it comes to ties. This is what I like to see!

Therefore, since ties appeal to the obsessive collector artist side of me, which has finally outweighed me resisting creating them before, I have devoted myself to offering some of my colorful, funky, Boho, Mandala, geometric, bright coloured patterns and designs on ties! Just in time for wedding and graduation season! I refer to these as Ties for Brave Men :-) But, yes, I do have some (slightly) more conservative colors and patterns.

Below, are just 3 examples of what I have available through Zazzle, or ....


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