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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Bent on Swimming Against the Tide

Stubborn as it may be, being true to myself as an artist and designer in what I create and offer is paramount. My desire in 2005 when I was first drawn to Zazzle, discovered in the art forum site Wetcanvas, to participate in Zazzle as a venue for marketing reproductions of my artwork, has not changed. Though it has become much more difficult to approach the venue more from an artistic standpoint, as it has moved more towards a mainstream mass appealing "come and customize the latest repetitive trendy motif or theme subject matter sporting product" and where the exact same trendy, in, typical graphics, images, fractals,  digitally created characters, etc. can be found on all the Other successful print on demand sites, I still refuse to drop who I am and what I want to present as a designer and artist.

Having said that, I am certainly not Knocking anyone who designs with the trends, meets the demands of the masses, uses the typical themes and subjects in their designs, especially if they do it well! All the more power to them. However, it's just Not why I am an artist, it is not fulfilling and as stubborn as it is, as an artist, I still need to satisfy Me, fulfil that burning creative and artistic streak that has always seemed to be there, and I need to do it My way. A bonus is if it actually is successful and people actually enjoy my designs, artwork and photography enough to want to own a product adorned with them.

Not much of a band wagon jumper, unless a design trend already appealed, I choose to stay on the creative path I set out on and meet my own strict self set criteria, and I want to persevere and make if not a huge success of it, at least a moderate success of it financially. Always having enjoyed the responsibility of a permanent job outside the home, whether part time or full time, being an integral part of a larger entity or team - in other words, having a full time job, allows me to be able to design without the extreme pressure of At/Design being my main, predictable source of income. Therefore, I can afford to remain picky and choosy about how I desire to apply my artwork and with my creative design pursuits.

My concept for my Zazzle Shop is to remain natural, organic, and abstract in theme. I design by melding nature based elements and textures, taken from one of my original photographs, with graphic design work. In turn, then making available my resulting designs on products that every day people purchase as home decor, personal use, as gifts, as cards, invitations, a huge variety of items really :-)

Therefore, despite the direction the print on demand site takes, I continue to stubbornly remain true to my ideals, my concepts, and my personal design taste and vein. The fact that I do seem to sell many home decor items with just my creative abstract designs on them, spurns me to continue, as it tentatively suggests that there Are people out there who want just simple unique artist designed items surrounding them in their living space that maybe just won't necessarily be found in Jane Doe's and Betty Youwho's house down the street.

Conclusion is: Yes, I want to make some money with my print on demand shop, but it is Much more satisfying to make it designing what one loves :-)


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