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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Wedding Season 2015 is Fast Approaching!

The 2015 wedding season is approaching. Therefore, I've committed some time to adding new items to my Wedding store category on Zazzle. My best selling item is a wedding invitation, an item I have written about previously in my Blog.

I redid an older design, correcting the text and drop shadow, an invitation that I used an image of 2 swans I had shot one spring near Whitby, Ontario. I had to flip one of the swans in Photoshop so that they faced each other. I felt the text was too subtle on the invitation so I tweaked the text, which has a drop shadow, and hid my original product so that only a direct link will go to it. The new revamped design is stronger and hopefully sales of it will commence again.

Meanwhile ...... I like the plates, both paper and porcelain! I think that these products have lots of appeal, both to designers and for buyers! They have tons of little personal use potential, lots of ways that a custom design can add to an occasion. For instance, the porcelain plate I show below, incorporating my love bird swans into a heart shape in centre and a lovely soft dusty rose background, paired with a wedding couple's names and wedding date makes for a lovely serving platter for a small wedding cake and can later be a wonderful keepsake of the couple's day :-) Not everyone has huge weddings, some just have a more intimate small gathering and something like this personalized plate can really be a wonderful, meaningful and useful element.

Paper plates are also available. Perfect for a shower, small casual wedding outdoors, an engagement celebration, and more! Or, to serve the wedding desserts on.

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